Modern Fusion Steak House


Contemporary Australian Cuisine in Modern Concept

Grilling fine meats at one of Jakarta’s tallest skyscrapers, Altitude Grill is a steakhouse not to be missed. It’s dry-aged meats coupled with Japanese flair and cooking techniques bring a new age of taste to Jakarta’s fine dining scene.


  • The Food
    Specialized in dry aging our meats over 29 days, Altitude Grill is a steakhouse that boasts a variety of tender, juicy cuts best paired with our wide array of accompaniments ranging from traditional side dishes, all the way to your most curious fusion concoctions. 
  • About the Chef (Sharon Augustine)
    A pastry enthusiast and having learnt tricks of the trade from Award Winning Pastry Chefs since young, Sharon Augustine is Pastry Chef skilled in creating new and decadent sweets perfect for every moment. Altitude is thrilled to welcome 
  • About the Chef (William Rusli)
    Working at Michelin Star restaurants and alongside top chefs across Asia has inspired Chef William Rusli to bring an exciting Japanese flair to Altitude Grill. By blending the many unique exciting recipes he’s tasted throughout his career, William is ready to share his wealth of culinary experiences with Jakarta through this new and improved American Japanese Steakhouse.


Centennial Tower. 30th fl, unit G
Jl. Gatot Subroto kav 24-25.
Jakarta Selatan 12950, Indonesia

Tel. +6221 22958011
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