Japanese Shabu Shabu
and Sukiyaki


Finding The Beauty In The Unseen

Yugen Shabu & Sukiyaki is a fine dining restaurant specialized in serving premium beef hot-pot alongside a majestic view of Jakarta from The Plaza's prestigious 46th floor, to cater to the growing demand in the market. 

Whilst one can easily find high-end sushi, sashimi, tempura and even yakitori restaurants in Jakarta, there is a dearth of a Shabu & Sukiyaki equivalence. This very reason is why “Yugen“ was born; finding the beauty in the unseen. 

The concept’s interior is a poetic aesthetic, built with minimalistic shapes, and lit with soft chandeliers, perfect for a romantic evening, or even a family celebration. While watching the sun sink behind Jakarta’s concrete jungle on the 46th floor, the concept aims to remind its patrons just how big the world is, and how there is always a beautiful opportunity out there, even in the most unseen of places. 


  • About the Chef
    Chef Hiromi graduated from law school, but his passion for cooking led him to put his legal career aside. Holding a license to prepare the infamous dangerous blowfish, he has taught his fine cooking techniques in high schools as well as cooked for Japanese royalty, top international politicians and celebrities. His simple nature is twinned with a deep dedication to achieving excellence through his craft, where he enjoys to use his creativity in curating both beautifully plated dishes, and experiential meals.
  • The Food
    Exquisite marbled meats to enjoy as both shabu or sukiyaki, and a variety of Japanese fusion dishes to keep you on your toes, Yugen offers warmth and excitement with every bite. 
Centennial Tower. 30th fl, unit G
Jl. Gatot Subroto kav 24-25.
Jakarta Selatan 12950, Indonesia

Tel. +6221 22958011
Email. info@rba.co.id
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