Satria Heroes, the story behind

The serial Satria Series was founded in lieu of giving children dream and hope. Amid the many popular programs running on national television, we saw there was a lack of programs embodying positive moral values in the market. The first serial BIMA Satria Garuda (26 eps) was first aired on June 30th 2013. The public positively reacted to the show, leaving the ground-breaking 20% TV audience share in the first episode on that Sunday 08:30AM. This weekly show raised its success, and the serial continued airing in 2014 with the new season named Satria Garuda BIMA-X (52 eps).

The 30-minute live-action program performed even better than the previous season. Throughout the whole season, the show maintained top ranking in the time slot for most episodes. During the second season we understand that we have statistically built a solid fan base. Few examples of the result were: BANDAI toys of BIMA-X held the top ranking in the boys category in all toy stores (competing head-to-head with No.1 selling Hot Wheels), highly enthusiastic children to attend off-air shows ranging from 300 – 4,000 people per mall show, great reactions from children during school visits, and BIMA-X mobile game won the best game in Android platform in 2015 with 8mil downloads up to date – this is the most downloaded local game in Indonesia. We are also visiting children's hospital to give courage and hope in their forthcoming challenges.

The second season finished airing in August 2015. Throughout the years our team has been working on the film project as a bridge to the third season. We believe that the heroes need a ground-breaking fixture to answer to the fans demands. The movie "Satria Heroes: Revenge of Darkness" is a story of the continuation from the first and second seasons, with significant flashback story of how everything has began. The movie is treated independently,  catered for all audiences who has seen/not seen the previous TV series. The trailer of the movie has been emphatically received by the audiences when it was first launched at Jakarta Toy Fair February 12th, attended by 30,000 people. "Satria Heroes: Revenge of Darkness" will be in cinemas starting May 4th 2017 throughout all Indonesia.

Satria Series was created as a 5 to 10 year mental investment to the children of Indonesia. I want to embed heroic souls to the children, giving them hope that they shall not give up easily in achieving their dreams. We have been delivering an inspiring adventure of the heroes and there are many positive moral messages that can be brought home implicitly. Such notion may not be taught in school or in society but this is a characteristic that needs to be carried over and passed down to the next generations.
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